Last week we shared a article about the average costs and benefits of backyard renovations.  Today we enjoyed reading another article on about some tips and tricks to make yard work easier and less time consuming.  You can find the full article but HERE are a few of our favorites…


Skip watering your plants

Like many, do you find it hard to remember to water your plants as often as they need it?  Try using a plastic water bottle!  Simply fill them with water and then use a pin to poke a few holes in the cap.  Next,  half bury the water bottle upside down in the dirt near the plants you want to water.   The holes in the cap create a slow trickle to keep plants hydrated for as long as a week or two!


Stop Weeds with Newspaper

Weeds area  time consuming eyesore plus they take moisture from flowers causing them to wilt.  Spend less time weeding by using newspapers.  After fully weeding your garden, add a layer of newspaper beneath the mulch.  The newspaper will block need weeds from taking root and it also helps to retain moisture.  Additionally, this is a nontoxic method which will eventually decompose into the soil.


Have a “Non-Stick” Lawnmower


A quick and easy way to keep grass from clogging up  your mower’s blades?  Cooking spray!  Give the blades a thorough spray and it will prevent grass clippings from sticking cutting down on cleanup and maintenance.


Feed Your Roses Milk

Many gardeners know that roses are susceptible to fungus which causes blotchy leaves.  You can kill the fungus with a quick visit to your refrigerator.  Take a half a cup of milk and add it to a cup of water in a spray bottle and then spray the leaves of your roses.  The watered down milk kills the fungus!

Check out the full article for even more tips to save you time working in the garden so you can spend more time sitting back and enjoying it!  Happy spring!